SCSS workflow

I was playing around with LESS and I started to see some issues I didn’t like with the output of complex selectors. I kept going back to SASS but was put off by the command-line. I like GUI interfaces.. I was not interested at all in Ruby. It’s seemed like a lot of odd things to do to get the CSS files I wanted out of SASS.  I decided to just suck it up and do it anyway. It wasn’t as painful as I feared. I think I may have to write a tutorial for it though.. explaining in artist words what these programmers are doing with the command-line. I feel like the Ruby people are so deep into their own world they don’t know how to talk to lay-people. The instructions are accurate.. just now low-level enough.

Part of the problem is that I’m still on Windows. I say it that way because I listen to podcasts on and I’m slowly being brainwashed into becoming an Apple fan. It does not help that all the cool dev tools are on the OSX platform.  So that means I had to install Ruby first, then Sass with Compass. I had to figure out ways to get around on the command-line. It haven’t messed much with a terminal since the SGI O2 in college. I played around with some flavor of Linux every year or so.. but I always found it too alien and got in the way of what I wanted to do. Now it looks like I may go Apple and back to the command line.

So.. here is what I have:
Ruby with Compass and Sass
I’m using WAMP server 64bit to host my WordPress installations on an SSD.
I’m telling SASS to watch style.scss:style.less
That’s correct.. I’m telling SASS to generate CSS too a LESS file extension. Why? Because I can tell the less.js in my browser to watch for changes to the style.less file and reload just the CSS. It’s a hack, but it works. I’m probably going to stick with that until LiveReload is more stable on Windows.. or I move to the Apple platform.