Photoshop CS6 and the Liquify tool

To start off with.. I need to mention that I’m an edge-case when it comes to Liquify.  I have spend over a hundred hours using it recently. I know all the keyboard shortcuts and I use the different types of reconstruction brushes as I work. They allow me to stretch the mesh and relaxe parts of it into place, smooth out distortions and sculpt my work. Did I mention I work a LOT in Liquify?

The biggest thing I love about the new liquify is that I can now make actions that load specific meshes and apply them. That allowed me to do some really fancy automation work.

The bad news? They did get rid of all the fancy reconstruction options that allowed a lot of back and forth work. It’s like the difference between sculpting clay and marble. The liquify tool is now more for subtle work.. a nudge here and there. Not working out?  reset and try again. Not many options to relax a mesh locally.

I now need to you 3 Photoshops to get work done. CS5 for making liquify meshes, CS6 for automating them and CS5 x86 for scanning(twain drivers).