Paula Deen

I do feel sorry for her a little bit. She is being abruptly dropped left and right by just about everyone.  I’m glad to see that our society isn’t going to continuously put up with a racist personality in mainstream culture, though.  It got me to thinking about how our society changes. There are things like racism that take generations to change. You can’t just pass a law to make it go away. It takes people wise enough to not just have wiser opinions.. but knowing how to share those opinions with those around them.. help them grow as people. Sometimes the problems like racism are so ingrained in a society.. it doesn’t take just time.. but generations of people dying and not around any longer to spread their views. There are little ways we can all help make things better. Some of us change lives by being activist and volunteers for good causes.  I don’t have the time for that at the moment.. but I do try to make good choices in my business dealings. I would not willingly build a website for any person, company or organization that does anything I find unethical.. or for that matter, personally offensive. I have turned down requests for quotes from people looking for an exact copy of someone else’s website, a site that is set up to sell fake reviews.. and a website that uses a lot of stolen stock imagery.  I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have that choice. I’m sure there are people reading this that don’t have such an easy choice. It can often be difficult to make a living and not all employers are as ethical as we would like them to be. When you have to  put food on the table you have to make difficult choices. Sometimes you have to make choices that can effect a lot of people and their jobs, like dropping Paula Deen. I think it was the right choice for the companies that did it. I accept her apology.. but it’s time for her, and other like her to retire.