New Theme: Part 5; about face

After many hours getting things set up properly with the Reverie theme, Foundation, Compass and Codekit I realized that Reverie wasn’t going to be a good solution for me. It’s a well built theme, however it would be difficult for me to use it as a framework. It hasn’t been updated in many months and there is not sign of development other than bug-fixes. In order for me to compile Reverie as I would need to as I make changes to the SCSS files I need to make sure I’m using an older version of Foundation that would not match the available Foundation documentation. Updating Reverie to make use of Foundation 4.2.3 defeats the purpose of using a framework, which is a head-start on development.
So now I am back to Underscores and the stand-alone version of foundation with the menu system integration provided by Reverie. I copied over the custom walker functions that apply the classes needed for the Foundation. A good result.
The next thing I decided I needed was a logo. I did spend several hours designing it.. and I tried not to over-think it. I wanted something simple and elegant with some sort of twist. The twist was I was going to animate it. I’m not clear yet on the device level support, but I’m happy to say it works great on my Android OS 2.3 phone. There were javascript solutions, but I chose CSS. I will always look for a css solution before I pick a javascript one.
I’m going to start tweaking the layout and adding in features from Foundation as I find good uses for them. This theme is going to be a playground and showplace for my web design skills so putting in features just for fun is acceptable.

One thought on “New Theme: Part 5; about face

  1. Thanks for the information. I agree with you because Reverie wasn’t a good solution for me either in the past. And to me a simple yet attractive logo is the best.

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