New Theme: Part 4; A change of direction

I dove into the code.. and cringed. One of the next things after getting all the scripts and java-scripts linked up is to start with a working menu. Now I’ve created custom menus before.. and I know how to make some adjustments to a menu structure with wp_nav_menu. But the structure Foundation wants, takes a custom walker and a structure that needs classes at the sub-menu level.   Not fun. So I was going to see if there was a good example of how to handle it in an already existing WordPress theme. I looked up the Reverie Framework before. But I wasn’t happy with how long it’s been since it’s last update. But looking through the code.. I found I *can* update the Foundation to it’s latest version. The developers did a lot of great work merging WordPress theme and Foundation. From their site it appears to be inspired by the code structure of Roots that is based on HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap.

So.. Re-invent the wheel.. try to merge underscores and Foundation by myself? Hmmm.. well, the point of all of this was to have a lean, responsive website that make use of tools that would give me a head-start to get right to the customization of a WordPress theme and a chance to learn what Foundation can do for me.

So.. I’m going to try Reverie and see what I can do with it. It will also give me a chance to play with Compass.  I’ve used SASS before.. I’m still learning as I go and hadn’t gotten around to Compass yet.

I just updated Reverie to Foundation 4.2.3.  Next I’ll upload and activate it. Then I’ll dig into the code and start customizing. This is my idea of fun. So… sad. 😉