New theme: Part 2, The nuts and bolts.

I need a solid start to my theme. I’ve tried starting with twentyten, twentyeleven and twentytwelve. Not a bad place to start.. but I want to make sure I get away from the styled elements of those themes. I could start with a premium framework.. but I want something really lean and flexible. I am happy to add my own custom functions as I need them. So the starting point I selected is a starter theme: underscores.  or.. ‘_S’ by Automattic.  Yup.. by the same people that are behind WordPress. You won’t find Underscores in the theme archive.. it’s not a complete theme. Just the beginning of one.

For my CSS reset I’m ripping out the one used in Underscores and using Normalize.css that comes with Foundation.

I’m using Foundation for responsive layout. I’ve been using Twitter Bootstrap. What first caught my eye about Foundation was the extra control I have over the layout for narrower displays.  I was ready to try something new.. but this was a great chance to learn it outside of a client project.

Here is a list of my current tools:

  • Underscores by Automattic
  • Foundation by Zurb
  • Sass – css pre-processor(handled by Codekit)
  • Codekit – for.. a bunch of stuff! can’t live without it.
  • Sublimetext 2 – code editing(Solarized – dark color scheme)
  • Xampp – local server for developement
  • Tower – version control
  • Transmit – FTP
  • Browserstack for device testing

Next post: Part 3; Building the Framework.