New design plans for

One of the hardest things to do as a custom theme developer is make a theme for yourself. From the outside it might not seem like such an issue, but it’s like trying to give yourself a haircut. Or maybe a better example would be a kid in a candy store.. with one dollar. Sure.. I know what I want and there are many frameworks and javascript libraries that would help me build in awesome features.. but I only have one website. I want a clean understandable website. I can’t include everything! It’s not a matter of technical ability. It’s a matter of having to choose when there is so much to choose from. It’s just hard to be your own client.

I’ve been doing freelance web design for over two years now and I’ve been getting all the work I want through freelancing website. That’s fine. But I feel like I’m established enough now to start promoting myself and getting work directly with clients looking for the kind of services I provide. That means I need to bite the bullet and take the time to design my own theme.  I’ve been careful thus far to use a blank theme. Twentytwelve in fact. An unmodified Twentytwelve at that! If I had any sort of fancy theme.. it would be someone else’s work and design. I can’t have that! So it’s always been a very safe ‘nothing’ sort of theme. Time for that to come to an end.

I’ve been coming up with some ideas and directions to go with a theme design and how I would present it. I’ve decided to make it sort-of sideways. Instead of building a complete them and just using it. I decided I would make it a ‘Live’ redesign.  I’m going to blog about the design as I make it.  It will give clients an idea of how I think, along with the thought, effort and philosophy that goes in to designing a website. It may also help fellow web designers with a few of the issues that I’ve had to work through to get things done.

In my next post I will start making some of the more technical decisions that I need to make so I have a solid base of code to start my custom theme on.