LTE iPad, just toys for the 1%?

hmm.. I don’t think so.   I’m taking a close look at getting one. It will probably take me a few months to save up for one. I have other priorities.

In this article from PC Magazine they seem to think the LTE version of the iPad isn’t very popular due to how easily the device can use up your data plan. I do think there will need to be some way to manage the data flow. An application that would throttle the bandwidth and help you manage what kind of video and images you are looking at when on LTE would be very helpful. There may already be one.. I haven’t looked yet.

When I get an iPad it’s going to cost me. Due to the resolution of the display, I plan on getting the 64GB version. I my have some videos for my son, some of my music. Who knows? I want lots of room. I’m also getting it in black.. because black it cooler! I’m also getting the LTE version. I need either a iPad or a laptop to get work done on. I do a little writing, front end web design, and graphic design. I’m curious to see how much of my work I can get done on an iPad. I absolutely need LTE in case I’m away from a WiFi connection and I need to publish or push code up to my website. I plan on doing some thorough testing of apps and work-flows for doing things on the iPad it wasn’t built to do, like web design.

oh.. one more thing.. need to get the Apple Care thing for 99$.  I want to still be an iPad owner if I just happen to drop the thing. I’ve seen the stats. over 2 years about 10% of iPad owners file a damage claim from dropping their iPads. The number of uninsured  iPad users that just sit and have a good cry was not part of the report. I had to link to a excerpt of the original article from SquareTrade. The link was down when I checked.