I’ve never been a fan of John McCain.. until now.

Ok, maybe fan isn’t quite the right word. But I do respect his dislike of Trump and his methods. I wish the GOP had the guts to stand up to Trump
I’m hoping the “press” or “new media” is too big, independant and dispersed world-wide for Trump to really be able to suppress it.
If you want to know why the news media is definitely Trump’s enemy, look for pictures of the Obama inauguration compared to the Trump inauguration. Then read his statement and the statements from Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer. Trump is telling people what he believes the facts are, or should be and just wants you to believe them. He has people working for him that are supporting flat out lying about demonstrable facts. I’m old enough to be used to being lied to by politicians, but usually has to do what their opinions are or what their policies will do. But when you lie about facts based on no evidence and get angry at the evidence, it’s frightening and a sign of someone that’s mentally unstable.
If some politician is lying to us, it can spoil the game, if it’s the president and he’s lying to himself, it can smash the board. This President is doing both.