Clinton talked too much about Trump?

I feel like they are in denial. The DNC Chair thinks they lost because she talked too much about Trump?
I seriously doubt it. I think there is a group of angry people that Trump was able to tap for votes that both parties were ignoring. I think the Democrats need to wake up to the fact that they need to look at all the groups they could serve, not just minorities or women or any oppressed group. I kinda feel like who trump got to vote is the equivalent of the angry quiet kid in the class that brought a gun to school one day and “went postal”.
When I was young and looking for work, there were times when I didn’t get a job I wondered if it was because I didn’t wear a suit or used the wrong kind of paper to print my resume wrong. I didn’t want to believe that is was because I wasn’t qualified or lacked experience. That’s what this kind of excuse feels like.