Learning Swift

I’m excited to be learning Swift finally. I was holding off because I’ve been so busy and Swift was still changing. I also didn’t have any reason to build something in Swift. I’m focusing on iOS development right now because that is was I’m most interested in and that’s where Swift is being used. It’s a different world, not just the language, I’d say that’s less a part of what I’m learning than the frameworks for developing on iOS.

iOS development – Swift 3

Ever since I learned about Swift, I knew I would eventually look into it. Now that we are at Swift 3 and Swift 4 may be released later this year, I felt it was time. I’m kind of excited to have a new type of work I can do. I would love to be able to make apps that could work with the websites I build. There aren’t a lot of cases where that make sense, but I’ll make some kind of app that makes sense to me and that I can put on the app store. I’m not looking to get rich on the next iOS app that goes viral, I’m thinking more along the line of getting paid to develop apps other people/companies need.