I never thought I would be writing about politics. I couldn’t bring myself to even write about web design and development. I had work to do an didn’t have the spare time and energy to write blog posts. It’s funny that I didn’t even have time design a new theme for my own website. But, I couldn’t find anyone to pay me to make a theme for my own website.
Our new president has me worried. I was depressed for a few days after he won the election. This last weekend with the fallout of the immigration ban I was devastated again. President Trump is a leader because he won, not because he is a nice person. He got the most people to vote, but not most of the population on his side. I think those of us that were pulling for Hillary Clinton were really hoping that what was coming out of President Trump’s campaign speeches were hyperbole. It seems they were not. He’s really doing what he promised, to my horror.
So.. I’ve decided to write about politics for a while. We’ll see how long that lasts. Maybe I won’t feel the need if everything calms down. But I feel like I need to vent somehow. So this website will be my soapbox. I will try to talk and not scream, even though I feel like screaming.
Years ago I wouldn’t have wanted to write about the wrong being done by politicians. I didn’t want to alienate any possible clients. But Trump’s first week as president has been a mess. The possibility of losing a few clients really doesn’t concern me as much as what kind of president my son will grow up with.