Beer Review – Paulaner Salvator Double Bock

IMAG0314So.. I made another trip next door.. I was out of Garlic Salami. While the dude was slicing it up for me I decided to grab a random beer from the cooler. I picked the Paulaner because it had very little English on the front label. I knew that meant it had to be better. Although I was also drawn to the 7.9%. I think I can translate that!

I made may super Salami sandwich. It had other stuff on there too.. but they were just along for the ride.

The smell, not very strong. A little hops, not very yeasty. First taste.. wow.. very rich, strong, dark beer. I didn’t know it was a dark beer because I don’t understand German.. and the back label was TLDR. This is not a drinking beer.. this is a beer you have with a richly flavored meal. I think it would be wonderful with a steak.

I promise you.. no matter what you have been eating.. one taste, and you only taste beer! I actually like it a lot. Next family BBQ on the porch and I’m going to grab another one.