Clinton talked too much about Trump?

I feel like they are in denial. The DNC Chair thinks they lost because she talked too much about Trump?
I seriously doubt it. I think there is a group of angry people that Trump was able to tap for votes that both parties were ignoring. I think the Democrats need to wake up to the fact that they need to look at all the groups they could serve, not just minorities or women or any oppressed group. I kinda feel like who trump got to vote is the equivalent of the angry quiet kid in the class that brought a gun to school one day and “went postal”.
When I was young and looking for work, there were times when I didn’t get a job I wondered if it was because I didn’t wear a suit or used the wrong kind of paper to print my resume wrong. I didn’t want to believe that is was because I wasn’t qualified or lacked experience. That’s what this kind of excuse feels like.

Why is it different this time?

I think it’s important to differentiate between this president and past presidents, at least in my lifetime. And I mean the difference in this case between losing to the other party. I do not consider myself a Democrat or Republican. I consider myself an independent liberal. The “other party” in this case was an unknown group of angry voters that were being ignored by the two parties in our two-party system. We didn’t get the president that about half of the country wanted, we got the president that very few people wanted, but wanted change more than anything else. Even if that meant breaking the system rather than keeping going in our two usual ruts.
I think I know what the Trump supporters wanted. I’m not sure that the America they wanted ever existed. I pretty sure what Trump will give us won’t be what the Trump voters wanted either. But I bet his billionaire friends are happy. It’s not hard to find out.. they are his cabinet members and other government appointees.
Some people in media and politics are saying that people like me should just get over losing and let the president do his job and stop causing problems. I think this president is putting a lot of time and effort in tearing down the infrastructure that’s in place to protect working Americans and keep business from damaging the world around us in the course of doing business. In most cases I think they are shooting themselves in the foot, but it’s hard for some people to be guided by anything but profits.
If we had a normal republican president, I think I wouldn’t be happy, but I also think we would have a mentally stable president that at least cared enough about the appearance of not doing harm to restrain themselves a bit in helping business. I would be able to move on and just work and hope we could vote him out of office in 4 years.
I can’t let it go, not now. He’s doing too much damage to people, individuals. And he doesn’t care. He only seems to care about his people. In this case I think his people are upper-class white Americans. I don’t think he’s worried too much about the families he’s tearing apart.
I think this President will be good for business. Good in a way that hurts everything else. And Americans aren’t everyone to him, just his angry white followers. We have to put forth every effort we can to keep him from breaking everything, from hurting people.

iOS development – Swift 3

Ever since I learned about Swift, I knew I would eventually look into it. Now that we are at Swift 3 and Swift 4 may be released later this year, I felt it was time. I’m kind of excited to have a new type of work I can do. I would love to be able to make apps that could work with the websites I build. There aren’t a lot of cases where that make sense, but I’ll make some kind of app that makes sense to me and that I can put on the app store. I’m not looking to get rich on the next iOS app that goes viral, I’m thinking more along the line of getting paid to develop apps other people/companies need.