iOS development – Swift 3

Ever since I learned about Swift, I knew I would eventually look into it. Now that we are at Swift 3 and Swift 4 may be released later this year, I felt it was time. I’m kind of excited to have a new type of work I can do. I would love to be able to make apps that could work with the websites I build. There aren’t a lot of cases where that make sense, but I’ll make some kind of app that makes sense to me and that I can put on the app store. I’m not looking to get rich on the next iOS app that goes viral, I’m thinking more along the line of getting paid to develop apps other people/companies need.

CEO of America?

I’m getting the feeling President Trump is trying to take a style of managing a company and applying it to the US government. He is seems to have a reductive, if not childish understanding of how law-making works. An oversimplified order to block immigration for 90 days was just rammed into place without thinking about who gets hurt and maybe, just maybe they might catch more in their net than they were aiming for.
I can totally understanding a law that says we don’t just let in anybody from that part of the world that want to come here. But from what I’ve read, we already do that. Sure, let’s tighten security. But we already have the infrastructure in place to vet people entering the country. It almost feels like Trump is testing what he can get away with.
Help us GOP, you’re our only hope. I expected the presidency to possible go republican this time around. Things tend to swing back and forth between the two parties. I think I would have been unhappy with any of the other republican candidates because I don’t have the same worldview or philosophy about business and government. But I doubt any of them would have gone to the extremes we are seeing now.
The GOP definitely wanted a republican president, but not this one. They wanted to start moving America in the direction they wanted and, although they found him distasteful, they hopped on his coattails and hoped for the best. Now they are riding a tiger. They thought they could temper and guide him. But he seems almost impervious to advice. And one thing the last week has taught me, is that he isn’t a deep thinker.


I never thought I would be writing about politics. I couldn’t bring myself to even write about web design and development. I had work to do an didn’t have the spare time and energy to write blog posts. It’s funny that I didn’t even have time design a new theme for my own website. But, I couldn’t find anyone to pay me to make a theme for my own website.
Our new president has me worried. I was depressed for a few days after he won the election. This last weekend with the fallout of the immigration ban I was devastated again. President Trump is a leader because he won, not because he is a nice person. He got the most people to vote, but not most of the population on his side. I think those of us that were pulling for Hillary Clinton were really hoping that what was coming out of President Trump’s campaign speeches were hyperbole. It seems they were not. He’s really doing what he promised, to my horror.
So.. I’ve decided to write about politics for a while. We’ll see how long that lasts. Maybe I won’t feel the need if everything calms down. But I feel like I need to vent somehow. So this website will be my soapbox. I will try to talk and not scream, even though I feel like screaming.
Years ago I wouldn’t have wanted to write about the wrong being done by politicians. I didn’t want to alienate any possible clients. But Trump’s first week as president has been a mess. The possibility of losing a few clients really doesn’t concern me as much as what kind of president my son will grow up with.