virtual defragementing

I’m defragmenting a virtual disk installed on an SSD that, for hardware compatibility is pretending to be a spinning SATA drive. If my virtual drive crashes, do I ship it to a drive recovery company.. or just FTP it to them?

MTV.. Why are you arguing with me? – UX fail!

I see some link in the news.. and interesting article on and I click on it. Now I have to get past a splash screen that want to take me to the US website. That’s fine. Ok.. but, wait. It doesn’t take me to the article I wanted to read. It’s on the UK site. So.. again., splash screen. Continue to UK site and I get a┬áconsistent┬ábar across the top.

“The best experience for US users can always be had at the US website (

Not a friendly reminder that there is a US version of the website. It’s.. “Go back, you don’t belong here”. I never got redirected to a closer server with the same content. They are just making me feel unwelcome.

The great re-install


After coming home from 2 birthdays and Easter with family.. I find my computer hosed. Not booting. BSOD. I’m going to reinstall Windows 7. Then I have to spend the evening installing software and configuring my IDE. So.. I thought I would document my pain.