I think the link between gas prices and iPad demand that WSJ made is wrong.

An article today from WSJ stated that analysts are pointing to high gas prices as a reason for dampened iPad demand.  I think the target market for iPad sales is certainly broader than it used to be and Gas prices are high enough that families and middle income levels notice. However I don’t see the link between gas prices and iPad demand. I could understand a link with employment, not paycheck = no iPad. Or between vacation travel and gas prices. There is an argument to be made that high gas prices can have a postitive impact on entertainment products that we turn to when deciding that travel is too expensive due to gas prices. That weeks vacation just get a few hundred dollars to expensive to enjoy? Stay at home and buy an iPad instead. You will get years of enjoyment out of it.

Rush Limbaugh foot-in-mouth syndrome


If you are going to spend time and effort in a rebuttal against the writings and ideas of another human being at least have the decency to attack the idea itself and not tear down the author of the idea because they are:


There is honor in being lambasted by your philosophical nemesis.
My hat off to you Traci McMillan of traciemcmillan.com. There is old wisdom that I don’t care to look up that essentially states that in cases like this you should be happy that they spell your name correctly.

And.. I’m sorry to bring this up, but were your parents Douglas Adams fans?