Raw site


Very new.. first plugins to install: Google analytics, Mailchimp, Wufoo forms. Art: need to create a logo and banner for myself.

Day 1. Oh what fun!

A crispy clean new website with WordPress and TwentyEleven. It’s a new start on an exciting venture.  I love making websites.. I love WordPress for it’s flexibility and TwentyEleven because I can make powerful custom themes that are modern, responsive and rock solid. Being the default WordPress theme means it is very well programmed and very stable. It also gets updates.  So.. as of the moment I will not touch the theme. Not today. I was happy just to get the site started.. and I’m still working on other projects.

I will customize and improve the site a little every day. I will also try to blog something every day. No promise on quality of posts though! I need to get a contact form up soon.. and some links to recent work. Make my site recent work! So much to do!  I also want to do it in a way that it’s live and working. I want to work on it and use it live. I will have to see if that is even a sane idea in practice.