Day 10. Done with Xmas

Things are tough right now. Got to spend a couple of days with my kids over xmas. That was nice. I wish there were more presents under the tree. Probably about a quarter of what there was last year. I hope next xmas will be lots better. Heading home soon. Time to get back to work.

I have a little time now to devote to self promotion. I’d better get on it. I think I may even use less.js for my site. I keep wanting to use more advanced CSS.. but with being so busy.. it was easier to fall back on what I knew.  It’s becoming obvious to me that as the sites get more complicated.. and with the use of media queries in CSS I’m going to have to add a layer of abstraction to the code. Let something like less.js or SCSS handle the CSS output while I do the designing at a higher level. Some people want to stick to pure hand-coded CSS. I really don’t see the reason for it. I think you need to be able to understand the output, but not write the entire output by hand

Day 3. recovering

Lot’s of fun at the doctors yesterday, at least my meds are working. Just a stupid cold that got into my lungs. Walking pneumonia I think they call it. Just need to stay worm. At least I can work! Now.. if I can just find the time to customize my own website. Good news.. too busy to work on it tonight!  That’s a good problem to have. I will need to set aside a few hours tomorrow to do something interesting with it.